Bone Jour Broth Co. emerged out of our passion to create a line of healthy, artisanal, wholefood products that would feed the body, at the same time, nourishing the spirits. By using unique, fresh ingredients that are prepared with love, our thoughtfully curated pairings support the traditional food wisdom for optimal health.

Combining and aligning the three pillars of wellness: Health, Beauty and Fitness, this blog is also dedicated to inspire, educate and improve the body and mind.


Nutritious, gut-healing broth as a vegan alternative to bone broth.
It is an umami bomb packed with Omega 3, Vitamins and minerals that are great for intestinal health.
This magical elixir is a great source of iron, calcium, amino acids and prebiotic.

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Ginger & Date

A hint of traditional oriental essentials, Da Zao (Chinese Red Dates), Ginger and Goji berries to vitalize blood circulation, balances mood and spirits. It is a mug of natural antioxidants that replenishing blood cells and strengthening your qi to help you reach your equilibrium.



Roots & Herbs

The signature broth that everyone is sipping on. Chicken bones, stewing hen with mixed roots and herbs slow simmered for 12 hours. Your daily dose of wellness in a cup that is nutrient-dense, restorative and delicious.



Roots & Spices

A potent blend of spices which revs your metabolism and promotes healthy weight loss is mindfully brewed with beef leg bones, beef knuckles to procure the most gelatin-rich broth that is going to make your joints, skin, hair and nails happy.

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